Our Southern Eastcoast Roadtrip (Boston to Savannah, Georgia)
June 10-27, 2004


June 10, 2004 : Cedar Creek Campground, Bayville, NJ

Are we having fun yet?!

We loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly.... Stopped there for the night.

OK, I know....NEW JERSEY?? We were aiming for Cape May (which is nice), but it was getting late and we were getting tired & grumpy, so I (who was driving at that point) told Eric "Just pick the closest park!"...which ended up being Cedar Creek Campground in the little hamlet of Bayville.

The couple at the front desk seemed highly amused when Eric asked them about satellite reception. And, when they asked if we wanted a "full hookup" (which includes electricity, water and sewer drain), Eric said "no" and I said "yes", they found further cause for amusement. The woman said, "You want satellite TV, but you don't want to spend the extra $2 for sewer??"

Our site was right next to the bathroom, which was nice, as trying to shower in a space the size of a coffin is not much fun. It's also preferable to use the campsite's toilet rather than stink up your own "poopy tank"! (Probably more info than you wanted to know, right?)

Anyway, we were outta there the next morning and heading south on the Garden State Parkway to Cape May.

June 11, 2004 : Camp Acorn, Wildwood, NJ

So we didn't make it to the Atlantic City boardwalk, but we go ta here. Two miles of fake palm trees, lousy pizza and "chuck the ball into the basket and win a stupid prize" games. This place it desperately trying to be Florida. It’s as if there was a town ordinance that you had to use the color aqua in your paint job. Check out all them fake palm trees--even the street signs are in the shape of a palm tree. Do they take them down when it snows?

The seagulls were kind of cool. Greedy little bastards too...they would take food out of your hand in mid-flight.

Check out some of the shots of the people who live there (the campground) and what they have on their front lawns. The showers at this place were very annoying. You had to KEEP PUSHING a knob to keep the water flowing, very much like a rest room sink. Soap and scrub with one hand, push with the other. If you were a one-armed camper, you'd be shit out of luck.


carousel on boardwalk
eric & mei-li on boardwalk
view from ferris wheel
boardwalk trolley
the beach & pier
couple of tourists
funnel cakes
the pier again

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