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April 15 & 16, 2000 - More of Geoff and Johnny

Hopefully have finished up all the office sequences. We reshot everything that was scratched on the first day of shooting, and then redid a couple of the out of focus sequences from the following weekend. I felt I got some better performances out of Geoff and John this weekend, so there was something to gain from losing the first weekends worth of shooting. Johnny especially had a lot of dialogue to chew through and had no corresponding action to keep himself busy. (Remember, it's basically a person talking to a person working a computer, at least Geoff had something to focus on (the computer screen), Johnny seemed to be having a hard time giving himself something to focus on.)

[Note to self: when an actor doesn't know what to do with themselves during long dialogue sequences...BREAK OUT THE PROPS!]

I had learned a little trick to do with Johnny, give him something to play with while he chews through long dialogue. I had noticed that he appeared more natural when the scene called for him to interact with an object, so why not make him play with something that would've been found at the scene. I suppose this isn't a big revelation, since I was reading an autobiography on Elih Kazan the next day (directed On The Waterfront and Street Car Named Desire) and he mentions that giving props to certain actors helps them to give a more natural performance. Read an autobiography on Francis Ford Coppola, and HE mentions that Marlon Brando always loved to hold a prop. A good example of this was the cat he was holding early in the Godfather movie, Francis threw it into his lap and Marlon went with it.

Now I gotta wait for the negative to get transferred and see how everything came out the past few weeks. THEN I can haul the stupid office partitions back to the lady at the office furniture rental place. (And I'm definitely gonna get Johnny to help my lug those bastards BACK this time.) :-P

Here are some stats: shot 44 pages of script, took 18 days to do it and have exposed 18 rolls of film. My initial plan was to shoot everything in 6 days and use about 10 rolls of film. (Ha-Ha..so much for that plan.) I've got 2 rolls of Kodak Vision 320 #7277 left. Time to bite the bullet and send some money to Kodak. I'll probably be paying double for film to what I paid that guy on the newsgroup for his.

Time to seriously find the last few locations that I need and get the rest of the footage shot of all the principles. There's been a rash of e-mails this past week from the crew itching to shoot some more footage. I've got sick this past week AND was booked for the corporate gig, so I didn't get the chance to do ANY research that I wanted to do. I'm hoping to shoot the party sequences next, which should please "the gang" since THEY want to get together (with or without filming) and have a party. We'll just hafta fix that! :-)

Comin down hall

Feed me!

Eric lookin' at mess

Robin wheelbarrow

Runnin down a dream

Scene 23

Here's some interesting e-mail that happened recently:

Cara O'Shea wrote:

hey kids, phil has suggested a party to celebrate the mid-way point in filming. despite the fact that i have yet to even reach the STARTING point, i'm all for the idea. i'd invite you all down to my place, except that would be a tad problematic, transportation-wise. but i'd love to come up to meet everyone! so, whadda ya say, phil? your place? i'll bring the doritos. who's got the Faces of Death video? horrigan, i'll bet

cara mystery chick

John MacLeod wrote:

It has been suggested that we should celebrate the midway point of filming.

As a producer I can tell you that we haven't reached the point where filming is half way over;
as a director I can tell you that your motivation for this party is that you can get shitfaced and have a good reason;
as a lighting guy I can tell you you need to backlight the party to make it more dimentional;
as an actor I can tell you that you need to FEEL the party, then you'll be there;
as a grip I can tell you if the grub's free, we'll be chowing;
as a sound guy I think you need to turn up the level;
as a lawyer for the film I'm going to need you to sign this release before you can come to the party;
as myself I can tell you nothing funny. See.

Beth Lahr wrote:

Hey! I wanna be a part of the party and I haven't even spent a day on the set...and it seems like I have been missing alot...(err the plastic butt...) Once a party girl, always a party girl...

Beth, the night club date

Kimberly Lannon wrote:

Hey, I am in the same boat as you... I have not been on set yet either and I know I am missin out!!! : )

Lauren (Da) Verge wrote:

Okay, Beth, Kim and Cara.....since you have not been here ....and will be partying with us soon...you'll need to get up to speed....here is a synopsis of what we have all learned so far on this film:

1) Do not leave Juliet alone with a banana.
2) Do not tell the "banana story" in front of the Globe reporter
3) Do not leave Johnny alone with a rubber band...
4) Do not leave Phil alone.........period..... .because in spite of bragging about his amazing love life...he still screws chunks of rubber. The man is like a rabbit....albeit a small perverted one.
5) Do not say "MOS" in front of me ...I can't help it....I start channeling Hitler.
6) Do not do a scene where you are supposed to look "shocked"... when working on a Bickernicks production...
7) Don't ask Sparky..."Hey, what's that under your shirt?"
8) Don't ask Phil...what are you.....40?

Ask for details of all these subjects at the party.... Preferably after a large number of cocktails! Hope to make it there...LV

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