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alt.sex_movie.asf (160 meg)
320x188 - 88 minutes - 250 kps /MPEG-4
Movie help & Directions
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THE alt.sex TRAILER!
alt.sex_trailer.mpg (10 meg
320x240 - 1 minute - 170 kps /MPEG-1
Trailer Help & Directions.
alt.sex_trailer_sm.mpg (3 meg)
192x144 - 1 minute - 51 kps /MPEG-1
Trailer Help & Directions.

Director Intro.mpg - (10 meg) MPEG-1

(Normally seen on the CD-R electronic press kit disk.) Eric gives his spiel on how the movie came about.

Beach Scene.mov - (4.3 meg) Quicktime/Sorenson format

Scene 112. Johnny takes Irene out to a romantic setting. Jonah Shue is the violinist, Herr direcktor Eric Bickernicks makes his screen debut as the clown.

Robs Bomb Sequence.mov - (5 megs) Quicktime/Sorenson format

Scene 59 - Rob (Darby Duffin) finds a bomb on his desk.


4 minutes - 5.1 megs

Mr Disgusting.mov - (5.1 megs) Quicktime/Sorenson format

Scenes 24-30. Mr. Disgusting (Sparky Schneider) sells his computer to Dan (Dan Bridges), the office manager while Amanda (Juliet Bowler), looks on. Todd (John Horrigan) and Geoff (Geoff Briggs) monitor the proceedings from a far. Later, Dan tries to pawn off the CPU to Chip (Phil Rectra), Janet (Robin Frank) and the rest of the office.

Other goofy clips not IN the movie!

Sparky's stand-up act.mov - (9.5 megs) Quicktime/Sorenson

You thought Mr.Disgusting was weird? Watch Sparky do his thing on stage at the Holiday Inn in Randolph, MA. (first 8 minutes) Very surreal!

Phills Follies.mov - (5.7 meg) Quicktime/Sorenson format

Phil Rectra torments the cast and crew by showing up one day with his cheap-ass Super-8 film camera. (Phil certainly knows how to conserve film. Contains many unrelated quick cuts!) Look for the part where Juliet and Robin show us their "special attributes".

Blair Bitch.mov - (1.3 meg) Quicktime/Sorenson format

Juliet Bowler apologizes on the set.

(Straight outta the video tap of the camera.)

Raging BULLshit.mov - (1.3 meg) Quicktime/Soreneson format

Johnny MacLeod complains about his boxing career.

(Not in the movie, but we filmed it nonetheless.)

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