Eric Bickernicks

Position: Herr Direktor
Age: 39 (now 46 - 9/14/08)
Shoe size: 12
IQ: High enough to program a VCR
Teeth fillings: mostly the back ones
Deodorant: Ban speed stick
Shave: Gilliett electric razor

Identifying remarks: "Never put a live toad in yer mouth...IT TASTES TERRIBLE!"

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The INCREDIBLE Life Story! (so far)

Wrote this up years ago, stupid background information.

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At present, this is Eric's favorite photo of himself.
Here's a bunch of newspaper articles about how I got so bored working at a cable TV station, I had to do SOMETHING to amuse myself.
Take a look at an article from:
The Patriot Ledger - May 13, 1991
Eric Bickernicks' comedy is grabbing attention
Trainman Icon
Take a looksy at an article from:
The Daily Transcript - December 6, 1991
Cable TV renegades were not afraid to take risks
Cable guys Icon
Take a peek at an article from:
The Boston Phoenix - December 6, 1991
Broken cable
Phoenix icon
Take a glimps at an article from:
The Patriot Ledger - Nov. 26, 1991
Program director fired over content
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