alt.sex links
People who we like:
The Wire Factory - Resources for the low budget filmmaker.
Trash Compactor - B-movie culture. (Search engine for different movies!)
Expose your own masterpiece.
Movie Making from a New Angle
A film & video production company. Good links & other films info.
'The Definitive Online Film Resource' (Links in all sorts of categories. 39,000 and counting)
The Hayes: Journal of the Extraordinary Diversions
Independent Movie Homepages:
A film in production by BlackStripe-video
Based on the classic love story "White Knights"
Katherine, a single, middle-aged woman, owns a small flower shop in the city. Vernon, a pathological liar, is her only employee. Created by Malamute Entertainment.
Can a poker game change your life? You bet!
An adventure in 24 episodes. (Online movie!)
Personal Experiences in Film
by Lloyd Rice - Behind the scenes of Being John Malkovitch by a production assistant. Great site!
View of the film industry as a (no) body in the background.
Super 16mm Info
Great site explaining the Super 16mm format.
Able CineTech's detailed site on the Super 16mm format. Tons of info.
Colorlab Film Services page dedicated to Super 16mm.
Another great site explaiing the Super 16 format
Indie Specific Sites:
They do all sorts of directing seminars around the country.
Association for Independent Video & Film. In cohoots with "The Independent" magazine.
Some films online. Interviews, info. etc.
Tons of detailed info on directing, movies, etc. Portal of sorts.
E-mail mailing on movies and what not.
Tons of info on indie stuff. The guy runs a couple of mailing lists.
Users guide to dubious movies. (review all sorts of films.)
They have a cable show and do all sorts of wacky stuff about film and B movies.
Canoe - Your Internet Network. All sorts of Hollywood movies reviews and shit.
Cinematic Happenings Under Development - wacky site.
Website all about filmmaking in New York City.
Sorta small and chincy site. Supposed to have links to other sites.
Huge database of site and links
Movies online site: they take all sorts of shit around 10 meg.
Movies online site:
Bland looking page for insider movie info
Plenty of info and links on filmmaking.
For filmmakers, by filmmakers. Seems to be overun with stuff.
Horribly low budget film about a dildo?
Online acticles, info on Zines etc.
The Internet recource for low-budget film-makers. Couple of filmmaker stories on the site.
A resource for aspiring filmmakers and filmlovers. Detailed site on movies (mostly Hollywood?)
'The ultimate online starting point 4 film-makers and film-lovers!'
Mostly (Hollywood) movie reviews.
Seems to have a ton of info on movie making..the guys done it himself.
Good looking site w lots of info. The links page looks deep.
This is NOT Filmmaker Magazine.
Lots of articles.. The guys' name is Glen Barry.
Review all sorts of indie films. Looks interesting.
Dedicated to the filmmaker in all of us.
Small, colorful weird site. I guess the guy created a film called "The Knocking Box" A bunch of links.
Independent Film Magazine
Focus your big screen dreams. :-P Weird layout,sorta messed up.
Nifty lookin' little site. Seems to have info..?
Independent film web services. (Links, directories, etc.)
Bland looking..mostly text and few links.
GREAT friggin site! GOOD info and not pretentious. THE BEST.
They want a membership fee to browse their stuff. :-P (something like $68) Tons of movie links directly from their site.
The Indie Film Web's goal is to match independent films with buyers/distributors.
"Your source for access to news, services, products and resources related to independent filmmaking."
HUGE site..very detailed
Film site search engine. Listings, etc.
UK based website on filmmaking info.
Movies online site. (w. all sorts of other weird shit)
Movie reviews and indie stuff. (Lots of cartoons)
Links to all sorts of movie shit. Journals online.
These guys have worked from Troma in the past.
Sorta iffy webpage on filmmaking.
The website looks pretty wacky. Looks like interesting people.
A film & video production company. Good links & other films info.
Actor - John Waters friend.
In cohoots with Movie Maker magazine
Located in UK..mostly Hollywood stuff?
Website with allegedly 1000 pages of info. Focus on Englands independent film.
Plenty of info on movie making? Mostly resources.
Postings in a spot called "shoots.com" Community section. Newsletter.
Good guerrilla filmmaing links section.
Movies online site: all sorts of shit. (Music, live audio, etc.)
Film jobs, TV jobs, Resources, Behind-the-Scenes Dirt
Sorta dark and dingy place..some articles. Located in Canada.
Offer webpages and webspace for films. Interviews and whatnot. Sorta a portal.
Small site dedicated to micro budget stuff. Geocities
Located in UK
Plenty of reviews and stuff. (Located in Canada?)
The "Dynamic Filmmaking Resource" Focus on Super 8mm?
Movies online site
'The Definitive Online Film Resource' (Links in all sorts of categories. 39,000 and counting)
Guy says he's a software engineer. :-P
Sorta cutesy - girly webpage. Still..has good production info.
"THRAE.com is your portal to Independent Fantastique Entertainment! Established for both Fans and Creators of Genre Entertainment."
B-movie culture. (Search engine for different movies!)
Looks like they show films online.
Moviemaking from a new angle.
Obscure video and film. How to find them and reviews.
Some guy tryin' to be an authority? Think he wrote a book.
Seems pretty good. Has some movies online. News and info on festivals.