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Independent Film Production

Writer and Director: Eric Bickernicks

Description: Maniac who coerced everyone on this page to participate for squat. Could've taken the money he spent on this production and bought himself a car and a nice vacation for his girlfriend...but didn't.

Independent Film Production

Character: John

Description: The hero of our story. He takes his lumps from his ex-girlfriend Irene, Dan, his boss, and Mongo the hacker guy. Finally ends up with the girl after much trial and tribulation.

Actor: John MacLeod

Independent Film Production
Character: Geoff

Description: System administrator for the company everyone works for. Computer whiz and is totally wired into something 24 hours a day. Solves problems from a technological point of view. Battles Mongo during most of the film.

Actor: Geoff Briggs

Independent Film Production

Character: Chip

Description: Resents the fact that he was hired BECAUSE he was a minority. Decides to annoy his boss Dan by talking with an overblown Chinese accent ONLY in his presence.

Actor: Phil Rectra

Independent Film Production

Character: Irene

Description: John's girlfriend, who dumps him and ends up going out with Rob. She's the bad guy of the story! Professionally yet provocatively dressed, with maybe a little too much makeup. Irene is driven and gets what she wants. She uses people to achieve her means. (Thus her undoing.)

Actress: Lauren Verge

Independent Film Production

Character: Amanda

Description: Amanda won't take any crap from anyone (especially guys). She is one of the office coworkers. She comes up with some sharp comments to punctuate some scenes and has a great sequence with "Mr. Disgusting."

Actress: Juliet Bowler

Indie Film

Character: Janet

Description:The nice girl of the office. Someone who ends up being the brunt of one of Rob's jokes. She gets her revenge on Rob later in the story.

Actress: Robin Frank

Indie Film

Character: Dan

Description: Your basic Dilbert office manger. Doesn't realize what's really happening within his own work environment. The boss you'd love to smack accross the face.

Producer/Actor: Dan Bridges

Indie Film

Character: Mystery Girl (in coffeehouse)

Description: No lines until the very last scene, we see her throughout the film. She ends up being the most significant woman of the movie, revealing the biggest surprise in the finale.

Actress: Cara O'Shea

Indie Film

Character: Tammy (the computer date)

Description: She's the expensive computer date our hero ends up with. She doesn't stop talking during the meeting for a minute. She becomes appalled that John isn't paying attention to her because of something he witnesses outside of the coffeehouse.

Actress: Deirdre B. Williams

Indie Film

Character: Debby (the dance club date)

Description: A girl our hero meets at a dance club. They went to high school together but never met. (They were 4 years apart.) It looks like a match made in heaven until it blows up in our hero's face.

Actress: Beth Lahr

Indie Film

Character: Darleen (the annoying "new girlfriend")

Description: John hires a woman to act the part of his "girlfriend" during a party just to remind him of his not-so-good old days with Irene. ( From his point of view, anyway.) The woman acts very demanding towards John during her "employment."

Actress: Kimberly Lannon

Indie Film

Character: "Mr. Disgusting"

Description: Creepy guy that sells his computer (loaded with smut) to the office.

Actor: Sparky Schneider

Indie Film

Character: Mr. Disgustings Girlfriend

Description: Surprise guest in the coffeehouse at the end of the film.

Actor: Lara Goldstein

Indie Film

Character: Mr. Williamson

Description: The senior executive of the company everyone works for. Dan and Irene suck up to him before the big meeting near the end of the film.

Actor: Martin Hanley

Indie Film

Character: Terry the Transgender person

Description: John tries to be "funny" with his description of who he actually wants in a personals ad, but Terry took it seriously.

Actor: Tammy Twotone

Indie Film

Character: Dating Service Sales person

Description: Woman who sells her "wicked awesome" dating service to John.

Actor: Julie Hoffmen

Indie Film

Character: Violinst on the beach

Description: Poor guy who was hired by John to serenade Irene while following them on a beach.

Actor: Jonah Shue

Indie Film

Character: Tony (the karate expert)

Description: John witnesses a display of martial arts expertise outside of the coffeehouse during one of his dates. Enter Tony.

Actor: Tony Annesi

Indie Film

Character: Mongo

Description: Fierce-looking biker dude who appears to be hacking the company's server. John and Geoff pay him a visit to "straighten him out."

Actor: Brian Whilte

Indie Film

Character: Woodrow T. Justice

Description: Guitar playing folk hero in the coffeehouse.

Actor: Eric Scott Bloom

Indie Film

Character: Earl

Description: Brother of Shelley, owner of the gas station. Earl doesn't like people "messin' with my sister..."

Actor: Matt Branton

Indie Film

Character: Dr. Frank Osirin

Description: Weird guy who is the host of the "Death Faces" video that is played at Amandas party.

Actor: Andy Ihnatko

Indie Film

Character: Crazy gunman with dog

Description: Another kook hanging out of a window threatening to shoot his dog. (As seen in the "Death Faces" video.)

Actor: Jim Barron

Indie Film

Character: Shelley

Description: Grease-grimed, plug-chawin' owner of garage. Based on Geoff's list, John believes her to be Ms. Right. Then they meet...

Actress: Therese

Indie Film

Sound Person/Boom Operator/Grip
Characters: Evil hacker twins

Two young punks that were able, in one afternoon, to pick up the neccessary skills to help on this project. Great guys. Smart, enthusiastic and reliable.

Actors: Emery & Brandon Bond