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March 8, 2000 - Bomb shots, etc.

Redid the infamous leg grab shot between Lauren and Johnny. (Was out of focus from a couple of weeks back because of the yet undiscovered back focus problem.) Johnny had no problem fondling Lauren's leg at this point, I think I've shot the sequence on film and video at least 5 times. Then shot a couple of close-ups of Lauren reacting to Dan's webcam spiel in his office. I also realized that I never got any close-ups of Juliet/Amanda reacting to HER computer when Dan is supposed to send her a message. I'm hoping to find a generic shot of her rolling her eyes, but in addition, I shot her office empty, so Dan could be sending his stupid message to no one. Might read funnier that way, dunno...will hafta see in editing.

Did a series of extreme close ups of the bomb with a pair of pliers cutting the wire which Rob/Darby is supposed to be doing in his scene. Good thing I ended up with one prime wide angle lens that I got with the camera. It focuses to about 2 inches in front of the lens. That was about it, pretty easy day.

The plan from here is to finish/redo the original Geoff and John sequences that we shot on the first weekend. (They ended up dark, fuzzy and scratched.) Tried to contact the Mass Film Office. It's now time to seriously find a coffeehouse and nightclub. Apparently the Mass Film Office has lists of locations which cater to indie film makers, which would be a cool thing to have access to, since I COULD just approach businesses and sell them on the idea of having us film there, but once they see what it's all about, I doubt if they would want us there for long. If I find people who actually WANT the abuse of having people film there, I wouldn't feel as bad if they start to get annoyed if we start to take too long. Hafta see what comes up.

Also bought the Bond boys a couple of WBCN River Rave tickets. I'm planning on going with my girlfriend Therese, so I figured they might like to tag along. I've been offering to buy them beer, firecrackers, cigarettes and dirty magazines for helping me out, but they keep refusing. (What the hell's wrong with the youth of America today?) :-) Starting to feeling guilty about all the work they've put into this project, so I figure this might be a nice gesture of my gratitude.

Johnny Schlong

The bomb group

Lauren low

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