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September 9, 2000 - In bed with Johnny & Lauren

Since I didn't have everyone else available this weekend, I guess it was a good time to shoot the two scenes where the two main characters establish that they are going out. (i.e. IN BED) I was initially worried a few months back that Johnny would be having a big problem with this scene, since he seemed so squeamish just grabbing at Laurens leg in an earlier office scene. (Lauren seems much more of a trooper, her attitude was more like, "ah fuck it, let's just do it and get it over with.") Since that time, we've all hung out with each other and have become better friends.

Lauren made an offer a while ago that if I needed a house to shoot in, hers was available. I called her bluff and drove the film equipment up her place. She was able to clear her husband and kids out of the house for a few hours, so we had a nice window of opportunity to get the "deed" done. While she was attempting to lug my tripod up her stairs, she threw her back out and it started to spasm. She walked around with an ice pack perched on her back for the next hour. When we started to rehearse the two scenes on her couch, Johnny noticed a wet spot forming from the ice pack on the couch next to him. Laurens comment was, "great...now I have to explain to my husband why there's a wet spot on my couch, my back is thrown out and two men with indie film equipment are in our house."

I kept telling Lauren that this is about as indie are you can get. The entire cast and crew equaled three people. Those two guys as cast and me as crew. I had put the microphone on a boom on a C-stand, started the DAT, started the VHS video tap machine, started the camera, slated the take and jumped on floor to get out of the way. (How much would a union crew charge to shoot these two scenes?) :-)

We got another funny line worked in for Lauren. In scene 107, where Johnny is seen in bed with Irene/Lauren after everyone in scene 106 told Johnny not to do it (sleep with Irene), Johnny asks Irene if they're now going out again. (Since they just had sex.) The scene seemed rather abrupt, so we added a bit where Irene says, "The SMACKING was interesting..." And Johnny mentions that he thought she might like it. (A reference to her e-mail that Geoff and Johny had read a few scenes back.) She then asks if his hand is OK, and her replies that it feels better. (We were cracking up on the suggestion that Irene is such a hard-ass, poor Johnny would hurt his hand spanking her.) I kinda happy that (hopefully) Laurens character will at least get a few laughs because she's pretty fucking funny in person. (And obviously on stage.)

Bedroom LS


Lets play "pup tent!"


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