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March 18, 2000 - Groping around for a leg.

Indie film actorAt this point, we've been having rehearsals on Wednesday night, then skooting over to Applebee's in Watertown and having a few pops while we shoot the shit. The last few weeks it's been Dan, John, Lauren and I. (If you ever have a few drinks with Lauren, be prepared to laugh your ass off, but then again, she IS a professional at this.) ;-) This week it was Darby, Phil, John and I sitting in our usual booth. Phil was kind enough to describe his "rubber ass" to us. I fear we may have to learn more about this later in the production. I guess we'll hafta see.

First thing we did was a sequence at Todds/John Horrigans desk where John reads the personals to him, them learns that Todd has been working on a porno videotape cover. (He can make a few bucks on the side doing this.) We then moved to Irene's office and did a couple of sequences where John talks to his girlfriend. In the first one, John tries to be nicey-nice to her after she gets annoyed that John didn't enjoy videotaping them having sex. Johnny came up with a cute bit with a staple remover which wasn't in the script. (He pretends it's a little puppet, making voices as he moves it's "jaws")

Indie film actorJohn also had the hardest time placing his hand on Lauren's leg during the rehearsals. ("I wouldn't naturally do this sort of thing.") We had to shoot the scene twice, once for film and the other time for the webcam video. Then we did it a third time because I didn't have the cables connected properly to the video deck. Who knew you could get your best friend to grope at a married woman's leg so many times all in the name of art. :-) The webcam shot definitely looked like Johnny was letching after Irene when taken out of context.

Lane the photographer from the Boston Globe Magazine had shown up for a few minutes. We told him that we were having a bigger crowd for tomorrows shooting, and he agreed to come back on Sunday. Woo hoo!



Eric presents Lauren

Eric adjusts webcam

Good, Bad & Ugly

Johnny eats turkey

Grooming Horrigan

The pickup

Don't screw with me

Softbox man kiss


March 19, 2000 - Rob's desk

Indie film actorsShot the resolution to the "up the skirt cam" sequence where the gang follow the cable back to Rob's desk. Robin gets to yell at Darby for a few minutes, then added a middle finger flip at the end which wasn't in the script. I thought that put a nice touch to the end of the scene.

We then did the scene where Rob discovers the smut still on Mr. Disgusting's computer. There was some discussion on referring to a whole directory of "little boys" pictures on his computer. I thought it would be appropriate to get the reaction out of Irene when she hears it. ("Someone should cut that guys BALLS off!") Even Sparky thought that maybe it might make his character seem too lecherous. Can I just state for the record that I never conceived the Mr. Disgusting character as a pedophile, just that the shots probably just ended up on his computer through curiosity. (Sorta like how all those pictures of deformed people ended up on MY computer.)

Indie film actorI then did the scene where John confronts Rob about the quicktime movie of him groping at Irenes leg that was sent to Dan. I think I fucked up the camera placement on this sequence, I'm pretty sure I broke the 180 degree rule when getting the shots. Will probably hafta shoot Johns lines again, from the OTHER side. I kinda suspected the camera placement might look strange when I was doing it, I knew that I could get away with it in the first sequence we did. (There were more people facing different directions)

Dick Dahl and Lane the photographer both showed up. Lane was impressed with the handy Nikon Coolpix 950 camera I was wielding. I noticed that he tended to click a bunch of shots when I had my arm outstretched while telling something to someone. I even joked that I'll leave my arm up in that position for the rest of the shoot. John and I have always made fun of the typical "director pose" that one usually sees published. (Arm pointing at something, mouth open, giving an order. Better yet, while your holding something or near a camera.) I think I was holding my script near my camera. Fuck. God I hope that there aren't any arm extend, mouth open, while holding a script while standing near my camera shots in this Boston Globe magazine article. (I'll look like such a typical director idiot.) Maybe I also should've worn a beret.

Adjust yourself

Behind the scenes

Cyborg soundman

Darby as Rob

Kissy up to director

Role reversal

Thugs walkin'

Two tough guys

Crew at deli

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