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March 4, 2000 - Final office sequence in this indie film.

Cast photoToday we did the final office sequence of this indie film where Dan and Irene do the big presentation to Mr. Williamson. Largest gang/crew was assembled for this indie film so far. I think the total takes were 45 for the entire sequence and I did somewhere around 15 different set-ups. I wanted to get as much coverage as possible, 'cause this is going to be the "money" sequence that will end this indie film. Had to rent a friggin' TV stand from a local company because I wanted the presentation monitor up pretty high. Since I didn't have the final fake demo ready, I had everyone react to photos I downloaded from alt.tasteless.binaries, mostly pictures of amputees and people with other deformities. I got a mixture of a laughs and a couple of legitimate looks of disgust. (I kept the looks of disgust.)

While we were waiting for some of the crew to arrive, Juliet walked by the camera with the video tap on. She thought the image looked like something from The Blair Witch Project, so she improvised a little bit of business. Pretty fucking funny. Take a look.

This crew is having way too much fun for it's own good. (I'm way too busy working my ass off getting the shots ready.) I had a hard time getting everyone's attention when the time came to shoot because they usually formed discussion groups in the far corners of the set and were busy laughing their asses off at each others jokes.

I couldn't be happier.

The gang has jelled so well together I couldn't have hoped for more. Since I'm not paying anyone, I wanted a pleasant atmosphere on the set and wanted everyone to enjoy the experience. I wouldn't be surprised if someone brings party hats for the next shoot. Jesus Christ. :-) I definitely could've used more technical help, but managed to get through it.

[note to self: hire a second unit next time to shoot the stuff so I can party with the cast.]

We then did scene 30 where Dan tries to pawn off Mr. Disgusting's computer to anyone in the office who will take it. Since I couldn't find a shell of a computer to deface into Mr. Disgusting's computer, so I used my alternative PC that I have. Most of the "smutty" pictures on there were from Johnnys photo collection. He was asked to take some standard "wacking material" shots for his stripper friend/model. She was going to use them for promotional material, we used them for Mr. Disgusting's computer. At least we don't have to worry about getting the rights to the shots. By the end of the day I was exhausted.

Director 'n smut
Horrigan & Lauren
Horrigan makeup

John & Lauren

Lauren vid tap

Scene 129

Scene 129 crew

Eric lookin'

Eric directin'

"That's my desk!"

Juliet sittin' pretty

Lauren & Phil

Cast photo 2


March 5, 2000 - Up the skirt cam.

Today we attacked the scene were Robin/Janet checks out some Internet webcams with the gang and stumbles upon the "up the skirt" cam. The joke here was the image of the camera looking up a woman's dress was HER dress. She basically reacts, everyone denies it, then goes off looking for the culprit by following the camera cable back to the owners PC. (Which will end up at Robs desk.) I actually had to point a video camera under a desk and get a shot of her spotting the camera. (Along with a leg shot.) It was all very silly, the entire crew trying to light Robin's legs under a desk. We ended up bouncing a light off the front of the desk so it illuminated her face when she looked under. My joke to Robin while we were doing this was, "so you WANTED to be in movies..huh?" (and this is what you've got to do.) Phil had a bunch of cruder jokes. :-)

Oh yea, now Phil Rectra has the indie film making bug. He appeared on the set with this crappy 8mm hand held camera. Since the cartridge only holds 3 minutes of film, he would only film something for like 10 seconds. It should be an interesting piece of indie film, hopefully we'll end up with a copy so I can digitize it and post it on this web sit.

The infamous "You Da Man!" photo

I also took this innocent photo of Phil while he was getting undressd. I think it needs some explaining. I'll let the crew do that.

goto: "You Da Man!" photo explaination page.



Scene 11 cast

I'm ready for my
close-up EB!

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