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Two crazy yankees jump into their RV and travel to the Sunset Isle RV Park in Cedar Key, Florida. While RVing/camping, they document their exploits in a funny, weird, wacky, humorous flash travel blog with slides, voice, music and sound effects! This flash movie contains: Therese Chase, Schnookie, Eric Bickernicks, Bikernieks, The Dacrons, Terry 5th wheel, fifth wheel, RV, Go RVing, camping, campground, traveling, blog, travel blog, flash blog, journal, diary, explore, exploration, Terry EX 315R, Sunset Isle RV Park & Motel, Cedar Key, RV Park, commercial water front property, real estate, malt liquor, drinking, beer, little neck clams, docks, photography, Blue Desert Cafe, old piers, pelican bird, downtown photos, art store, stuffed bird with breasts, beach, brown water, pine cones, cedar trees, boil salt cauldron, dead armadillo, art car, decorations, The Purse Club, giant pork rines, cracker, derogatory term, white guy, saltine cracker, Wonder bread, Cool Whip, Cracker house, architecture, Rosewood town, Pepper head's pork & poultry, Convenience Store, gas station, Psycho Bitch Pepper, Bad Day At baghdad pepper, Show Your Tits!! Hot sauce, livers and gizzards, mobile homes, First Class Homes, Historic Suwannee River, Swanne River, sing song.