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Two crazy yankees jump into their RV and travel to Disneyworld & Fort Summit KOA in Orlando, Florida. While RVing/camping, they document their exploits in a funny, weird, wacky, humorous flash travel blog with slides, voice, music and sound effects! This flash movie contains: Therese Chase, Schnookie, Eric Bickernicks, Bikernieks, The Dacrons, Terry 5th wheel, fifth wheel, RV, Go RVing, camping, campground, traveling, blog, travel blog, flash blog, journal, diary, explore, exploration, Terry EX 315R, Orlando Florida, Fort Summit KOA, meat, PETA, vegetarian, country ham, MOSI, Museum Of Science & Industry, Bodies The Exhibition, strange, weird, anatomy, internal organs, basketball, Abby Someone, abnormal brain, split head, splitting head ache, person split in half, replica 1 pound of fat, Walt Disney Work, The Happiest Celebration On Earth, tram, cold, lose a finger, insert a finger at gate, main street, brothel, Goofy gives finger, Goofy gave me the finger, The Little Mermaid phallus, penis, Magic Kingdom penis phallus, corpse, dead body floating, fake palm tree in Tommorow Land, Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, It's A Small World, warning, vomit, danger, You'll be Sorry!, puppets, awful, slit slash your wrists, Kodak Picture Spot, Haunted Mansion, expensive food, not smiling, Haitian trash man, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise fake sign, monorail track sign.