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Two crazy yankees jump into their RV and travel to Camp Calusa in Key Largo, Florida. While RVing/camping, they document their exploits in a funny, weird, wacky, humorous flash travel blog with slides, voice, music and sound effects! This flash movie contains: Therese Chase, Schnookie, Eric Bickernicks, Bikernieks, The Dacrons, Terry 5th wheel, fifth wheel, RV, Go RVing, camping, campground, traveling, blog, travel blog, flash blog, journal, diary, explore, exploration, Terry EX 315, Key Largo, Florida, The Keys, Calusa Camp Resort, Travel Trailer Park, R.V. Sites, For rent, gated community, canals, for sale, clubhouse, pool tables, trailer paintings, For Sale, expensive, water front, sunset, sun setting, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, dive shop, dockmaster, diving, scuba lessons, classroom, PADI certification, swim tests, wet suits, pool, Tom Thomlin, Tomlin, Thomas Thomlin, diving instructor, hungry Ibis, birds, lunch, eating, instant martians, bugs bunny, Warner Bros. Cartoons, 10,000 Instant Martians Just add Water, houses, homes, real estate, Route 1, houseboats for rent, Shell World, Charlemagne Blvd, Valois Boulevard, Charley Valois