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Two crazy yankees jump into their RV and travel to The Clewiston KOA in Clewiston/Lake Okeechobee, Florida area. While RVing/camping, they document their exploits in a funny, weird, wacky, humorous flash travel blog with slides, voice, music and sound effects! This flash movie contains: Therese Chase, Schnookie, Eric Bickernicks, Bikernieks, The Dacrons, Terry 5th wheel, fifth wheel, RV, Go RVing, camping, campground, traveling, blog, travel blog, flash blog, journal, diary, explore, exploration, Terry EX 315R, Clewiston KOA Kampground, Lake Okeechobee, Florida, middle of no where, whole lot of nothing, hurricane damage, Why'd you even come here?, Chinese food funeral parlor, Nowhere Inn, For God's sake turn around NOW!, This is your final warning, giant chess pieces, colored stones, speed boats, Shih-tzu, Crappie Lane, burning sugarcane fields, smoke, eating sugarcane raw, dike, muddy foot shoe, birds, flying birds, West Palm Beach, Tropical Island restaurant, Haitian, Haiti, Scully and Moulder, good food, plenty, cooked meat nuggets, pungi stakes, worst toilet in Boynton beach, Great Dane, cows, airboat tours, loud, bass, fish, fishing, terrorize the wildlife airboat tour, alligator, beans, farting, Hockstetter, Howard Johnsons,