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Two crazy yankees jump into their RV and travel to Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine, Florida. While RVing/camping, they document their exploits in a funny, weird, wacky, humorous flash travel blog with slides, voice, music and sound effects! This flash movie contains: Therese Chase, Schnookie, Eric Bickernicks, Bikernieks, The Dacrons, Terry 5th wheel, RV, Go RVing, camping, traveling, blog, travel blog, flash blog, journal, diary, explore, exploration, campground, Terry EX 315R, St. Augustine Florida, Anastasia State Park, National Gold Medal Winner, Voted America's best, beautiful, Shih-Tzu, hair cut, satellite dish aiming, trees, sandy beach, do not walk on dudes, dead bird, pound sand, publix, pubix, wash me, alien dog, downtown St. Augustine, life is easier when you just watch, cheesy gift shops, snow globe, fishnet cork stopper, stupid hats and expressions, consume, conform, obey, happy yet?, church, Flagler college, bathroom, spitting toads, spitting turtles, taco stand, Flamingo Dr, memorial presbyterian church, winegard.