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Not ANOTHER stupid Shih-Tzu pet site...

Yes! That's right! We actually think OUR Shih-tzu is the most precious, cutest thing in the much so that we've deluded ourselves into thinking that YOU will feel likewise and will involuntary waste 5 minutes of your online time downloading these shih-tzu images so you can fawn over them at your leisure!

Shih-Tzu 1 shih-tzu A

This is Mei-Li at 9 weeks old. If you're observant, you will notice STUDIO LIGHTING on the shih-tzu.
What SICK INDIVIDUAL would take the time to do such a thing??

shih-tzu B

Mei-Li outdoors Shih-tzu
Don't took the Tibetan's CENTURIES to breed a shih-tzu dog this fiercely cute!
The Shih-tzu has no purpose other than to make you sound like a blabbering idiot when you first see it.
Shih-tzu 2 shih-tzu C
F.Y.I. - These stills were taken from a professional video camera and transferred to a computer.
Must've been a slow work week for
shih-tzu C Shih-tzu 3
Shih-tzu 4

Above is Mei-Li at 3 weeks old.


To the left is Mei-Li's Mom - Munchkin!

She lives at Windsong Kennel, the same place where we got Mei-Li from.
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