Bigfoot Costume in a Freezer?

So everyone knows about the Georgia Bigfoot announcement by Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer. Click here if you've been a freezer for the past few days. Take a look at this Bigfoot costume by

Notice that the head is completely fake and rests on top of the wearers head. They end up looking out through thin material on the neck. Pretty good costume! Here's the original photo next to my animated comparison:

It's amazing how close the noses are on the head in the freezer and the costume head. Notice how the jaw on the freezer head juts out in an awkward way. The color of the costume and the fur in the freezer also look pretty close.

And what gives with this "freezer"? It looks like thin blocks of styrofoam just propped up around the costume.

I bet Roger Paterson is rolling in his grave. Jeez.

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