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Weather or not your a typical tourist or an out there road warrior looking for offbeat travel information or in need of a funny travel guide, The Dacrons are here to help you. We're not going to give you the same old travel advice. We've tried to find the road less traveled in our journeys and have brought them back to this funny travel site. There's plenty of spots that everyone has gone to, but we try to take a weird and offbeat slant when experiencing those too.

You'll find a bunch of different travel tips that we've discovered on the road, a bunch of great weird travel books that we found to be helpful and lot's of first hand funny travel info on our site. I guess you could also call this site a vacation blog of sorts, but we've tried to see things from a person who had yet to go there.

The Hawaiian Islands

Coming soon: We stay for the month of February 2009 in Maui. We're determined to find the unusual travel spots and report back here with silly movies, funky photos and hard GPS data on where to find it

Weird Florida

We run amok in Florida in our RV, staying at campgrounds, rv resorts and some hotels. We visit the usual spots along with the strange.

Dacrons favorite FL spots | FL restaurants | FL Campgrounds

Cedar Key | The Everglades | Key Largo | Key West | Miami Beach | Naples
Lake Okeechobee | Orlando/Disney | Panama City Beach | Rockledge | St. Augustine

Savannah, Geogia

This city is sometimes called "The pretty lady with the dirty face", and we want to examine her every zit. We've got a backlog of info already, and will be scouring the city again in April 2009 and posting everything back here.

RV Vehicle & Camping Guide

We'll be showing you the in's and out's of living in an RV vehicle for months at a time. What sort of RV is right for you, moving these suckers around and setting up camp. We'll also give you our take on the campgrounds we've stayed at.

Who are The Dacrons?

Two middle-aged travelers with nice cameras and snarky opinions.


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Spin test 2 from Dacrons

February 6th, 2010

2 are numbers 1 thr 5. onenuts This is some stuff right here and lets see how far this all goes to the edge who knows what will happen when I type this.